Wednesday, April 13, 2016



We're doing some spring cleaning, because we need the space to shelve whopping amounts of new inventory. 

We've got tons and tons of great stuff that has to go in order to make room for other great stuff.

As a result, for a limited time, almost EVERYTHING is HALF-OFF!
 Anything that isn't half-off is 20% off, which is still pretty good.

Stuff that's 20% off includes any new items (like new books or Curious T-shirts), signed limited editions, stuff behind the counter, pulp magazines and related items.
But, come on in for all the gory details.

It's hard to emphasize how good a sale this is. 
We expect to run it until . . . we've cleared enough shelf space for the new stuff. 
So, don't wait too long! 

Our regular prices are good, but a clearance sale is amazing.

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