Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ray's Reviews: Kentucky Woman by Mike Brogan

        “Kentucky Woman” by Michigan author Mike Brogan (Lighthouse, $15.99) is
another exciting thriller that’s almost impossible to put down.
        In this strange and snowy winter season, that’s not altogether bad – it’s
sometimes tough to find good mysteries that won’t lull you easily into
        Brogan’s latest fast-paced tale grabs you from the first page and propels
you through 80 short chapters – you’re liable not to get anything else
        Ellie Stuart is a young law student in Louisville KY, whose adoptive
parents were killed in a terrible boating accident. She’s trying to track
down her real parents and is having little luck.
        When a student with a similar name is attacked nearby and Ellie is almost
run over on her bicycle by a man in a van, she begins to worry that
someone may be after her.
        She meets Quinn Parker, an injured football player who’s also studying
law at the University of Louisville.
        He gets assigned by his professor to do a research project. He’s to
interview the attorney in charge of the estate of Harlan Radford, a
self-made Kentucky billionaire, who left no major heirs.
        Quinn is going to visit an attorney in charge of the estate in
Manchester, near the area where Ellie grew up. She joins Quinn on a quick
trip there; they stop at the local court house to try to get more
        Meanwhile, there are other attempts on Ellie’s life; they think they’re
being followed as unusual incidents occur.
        Ellie and Quinn make startling discoveries that lead them to believe that
she may indeed by the rightful heir of Radford’s fortune.
        The body count quickly rises as the pair continue their investigation. A
nasty villain, who has a lot to lose, is frustrated when his attempts to
kill Ellie are thwarted.
        Brogan deftly raises the tension level to the boiling point with many
plot twists that are both surprising yet believable. He utilizes the best
elements of a police procedural novel while dealing with clever killers
and break-through DNA scientific discoveries.
        The author, a former advertising executive who lives in suburban Detroit,
has also written a number of other excellent suspense novels, including
“Business to Die For”, “Dead Air” and “G-8”.
        This gripping novel could be made into a great movie!

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This review was originally published by the Lansing State Journal on March 6, 2016.

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