Monday, October 19, 2015

And So It Begins - Our MASSIVE Anniversary Sale!

Greetings, Booklover!

We thought that you'd like to know about our exciting annual sale!

It is a pleasure to announce, on this most auspicious occasion, that beginning today... 
THE ENTIRE SHOP IS ON SALE!  (Well, the items within the shop, at least.)

To celebrate our 46th Anniversary, for a limited time only!

We're offering Almost Everything at 46% OFF!
And 25% off Everything Else! 
(The "Everything Else" category includes new books, pulps and pulp-related items, football programs, movie posters, signed limited editions, items behind the counter, and Curious shirts.)

Everything is discounted. Everything! It's a great opportunity to do some holiday shopping, or to stock up on winter necessities on your "To Read List".

In mid-October of 1973*, a long-haired MSU student named Ray started selling groovy science fiction novels out of the basement of a house. A booklover to the core, he had unknowingly struck upon a great way to buy more books for himself, and began  a strange and wonderful career.

Since those early halcyon days, Ray Walsh has taken Curious Book Shop through multiple manifestations (and locations). In 1973 we moved to our current location, and have since offered information and enlightenment from our small (but sturdy!) spot at 307 East Grand River Avenue.

From its vantage point on the edge of MSU's campus, Curious has greeted 46 incoming freshman classes, has bid farewell to countless wizened graduates and gleefully welcomed back alumni on a regular basis.

We have provided shelter to writers and thinkers of all sorts, and have served as the setting for numerous first dates and marriage proposals. We have observed various political protests (and drunken sports celebrations), weathered the tenure of 9 MSU presidents (beginning with John Hannah in the late 60s), and hosted countless book signings and shows. We have watched with interest the evolution of the book industry and the growth of East Lansing.

Sparty's visage and that special shade of Spartan Green have changed a few times, but Curious remains the same. Over the years, Ray and the gang have paired innumerable books (and art, and comics, and more!) with happy new owners, and show no signs of slowing down.

In the past 46 years, this quiet bookshop has aged well. It's only 18' wide, but 100' deep - and there's 3 floors! Intriguing titles arrive daily; we've expanded our selection of new releases in hardback and paperback. The information held within these tomes is vast and awe-inspiring. Our shelves are brimming with books on an incredibly wide variety of subjects. There are fantastic stories for young and old; erudite texts for hardnosed academics; centuries-old books with beautiful bindings; worn and trusty classics in need of a new home.
We have it all, and now it's all on sale! 

Join us as we celebrate another journey around the sun, this being our forty-sixth circuit. Without the ongoing love and support from our local literary community, Curious simply would not exist.

Please accept our thanks and endless gratitude in the form of SUPER-MEGA SAVINGS... 

Here's to another year of bookish delights!

Many Thanks and Much Love,
Ray, Mark, Audrey and the Curious Gang

*Newsletter recipients may notice a date discrepancy, as the newsletter listed the move to our current location as a 1967 event. False! Sorry for the confusion.

** A happy coincidence - this is the 300th blog entry! 

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