Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ray's Reviews: Delightful, Deluxe Collection of Fine Michigan Photography by Todd and Brad Reed

 Beautiful images of our Great Lakes state abound in a new, over-sized, self-published, $110 book, “Todd and Brad Reed’s Michigan - Wednesdays in the Mitten.”

        Issued in a signed, limited edition of 3000 copies, this gorgeous photographic art book captures the amazing diversity of our state’s scenic wonders.

        The Ludington-based father-and-son team of award-winning photographers went on a 30,000 mile journey through Michigan in 2014, leaving every Wednesday to take pictures.

        There are many great images of our state’s visual splendor in this 224 page volume – most of them emphasize the spectacular beauty of the natural environment.

        Remarkable images include shots that were taken of the frozen Grand Island Art Caves near Munising and the colorful Northern Lights on Isle Royale.

        The photographers visited 74 of Michigan’s 83 counties during their weekly trips, capturing over 30,000 images, which were then reduced to 250 pictures that were used.

        Although there some shots of notable architecture, there are significantly fewer photographs that include people. Exceptions are the Christmas-time displays in downtown Rochester or the New Year’s celebration in Ludington.

        This well-designed volume is published with an emphasis on the colorful images, with no captions below the photographs that would interfere with the enjoyment.

        Brief thumbnail descriptions of the images are included in a separate grouping, after the pictorial section, offering detailed information about the photographs, locations and the identity of the photographer.

        This deluxe 8 pound book includes a separate DVD that contains a slideshow of all of the images, in case one wants to enjoy the photographs in a different format.

        The Reeds have participated in the annual ArtPrize competition in Grand Rapids; many of their images have been used in the PureMichigan! promotional advertising campaign, including calendars, brochures, billboards and online videos.

        This is the most deluxe book that the Reeds have published. Last year, “Tuesdays with Todd and Brad Reed: a Michigan Tribute” was selected as a Michigan Notable Book Award-winner.

        They have also issued other books of Michigan and Ludington photographs, including “Lake Michigan Point to Point” and “Ludington State Park: Queen of the North”.

        This is a heavy coffee-table-sized book that should be savored over an extended period of time – and nowhere near an overflowing cup of coffee!

        Ray Walsh, owner of East Lansing’s Curious Book Shop, has reviewed
Michigan Books and crime novels regularly in 1987.

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This review was originally published by the Lansing State Journal on August 23, 2015.

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