Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ray's Reviews: Something Furry Underfoot, Dog Shaming and Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too!

It's the holiday season - and time to look at a few interesting stocking stuffers for pet lovers!

"Something Furry Underfoot", by Haslett author Amy L. Peterson (Amazon, $13.95), is a highly entertaining paperback that's just delightful to read. 

Peterson offers fascinating memoirs and funny insights on a wide spectrum of animals that her husband brings home, including gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, and other assorted critters. 

If that was all that happened, this would be a short book - but there are more chapters on the challenges faced when Peterson, her husband, and her four step-children deal with dogs, rabbits, hedgehogs, a stray cat, and a domesticated duck. 

The author is a great storyteller; the animals really come alive as she describes the various ways that the animals were acquired and their idiosyncrasies. 

She showcases many of the, their joys and problems in individual chapters, providing many funny and touching scenes. She also offers 50 succinct but useful tips on animal care. 

The great cover design, by Patricia Adams, provides colorful images of many of the animals who appear in this book. Cute photos of them are available at the author's website: 

Peterson is also the author of "From Zero to Four Kids in 30 Seconds", which deals with all the challenges of being a stepmother. A portion of the proceeds from all of her books will be donated to animal rescue organizations.

"Dog Shaming", by Pascale Lemire (Three Rivers Press, $15.00), is a compilation of all-new, never before seen photos by the woman who has the popular website

This book consists of full color photos of dogs provided by their owners, along with a handwritten sign that indicates what the pooches have done wrong, such as "I destroyed this couch!". Since the dogs (usually) look so innocent, it is hard to imagine all the trouble they can cause!
"Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too", by Michael Showalter (Abrams image, $14.95), is an odd book that shouldn't really be taken too seriously; it is more silly than it is funny.

Broken down into three tongue-in-cheek sections, it is designed to help guys understand, appreciate, and bond with the cats in their lives.

The graphics include humorous photos and artwork, and the text covers a wide range of subjects, including feline communication, travel, and cat hoarding. 

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This review was originally published by the Lansing State Journal on Sunday, December 15, 2013.

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