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Ray's Reviews: Exception by Michigan Author Michael K. Sands

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"Exception", a suspense novel by Gaylord author Michael K. Sands (Sturgeon Valley Associates, $14.00), is an exceptionally fast-paced thriller that's tough to put down.

The self-published trade paperback has a nifty cover design, likable and despicable characters and enough plot twists to keep your head spinning.

In the best James Patterson tradition, short action-packed chapters abound - there's 155 of them in the 346 page book. 

It focuses on cutting-edge neurobiology, showcasing Julie Brewster, who's involved in a highly secret defense project to surgically implant a computer chip into a human brain.
She works at a specialized cybernetics and medical research company where an associate died in what was ruled "an unfortunate accident."

Julie thinks that the surgeon's death was cleverly planned and asks Seattle computer expert Jason Coulter, her former lover, to help investigate.

Their search for the truth uncovers unnerving facts and a hidden agenda; soon the pair is on the run, chased by a hulking menace. 

As if that's not bad enough, the true villain hacks into computer networks, making them sought by the police and other authorities for a multitude of crimes, including murder.

The convoluted tale is overflowing with non-stop, adrenaline-charged action, with many close calls and death-defying scenes.

Relationships are a vital part of this entertaining novel; there are many emotional challenges throughout .

A  variety of law enforcement officers are involved, including one who's almost killed and another who follows his instincts instead of just obeying the rules.

You don't really have to be a brain scientist to appreciate this thriller, as the author manages to get across most of the relevant information in understandable chunks.

This would be an easy novel to produce as a gripping motion picture or could even be made into a captivating television series.

Micheal K. Sands is the pseudonym of Tom Kellogg, a graduate of Northern Michigan University. He's had a varied career as a machinist, carpenter, commercial planner and flight instructor.

Currently he's teaching at North Central Michigan College and has completed a sequel to this book.

His website is

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This review was published by the Lansing State Journal on Sunday, October 20, 2013.

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