Thursday, December 6, 2012

The 2012 Curious Holiday Gift Guide

Here at Curious, we understand that our seemingly endless selection can be a bit... overwhelming.

Please, don't be intimidated!

Our massive collection includes books on just about every topic under the sun (and beyond).

Our friendly, book-wise staff members can help you find the perfect gift for that special someone on your list.

Prices range from fifty cents to ten thousand dollars, but the majority of our stock consists of reasonably priced, gently-used paperbacks and hardcovers. We have a large (overflowing!) dollar section, and specialize in science fiction, mysteries, general fiction and Michigan-related books. 

Stay tuned! We'll be sharing more of our favorite gift books in the coming days!

Here's a small taste of less-common, gift-worthy books:

Betsy Tacy, a favorite 20th century series of books for  girls, is a great option
for a young reader in search of fun adventures and lessons on friendship.

Though we are a strictly Spartan bookshop, we offer a vast array of sports books,
including professional and college teams. We also have books
about rowing, tennis, billiards, martial arts and more.

An unusual, beautiful collection of Dickens prints for your favorite lover of Victorian literature.
Published in the the early 1900s, this collection features dozens of sketches
depicting Dickens and some of his most memorable characters.
One of the dozens of prints in the Dickens collection, compiled by Seymour Eaton.

Visit our large Children's Section, where you'll find affordable picture books,
early readers and young adult novels for the young readers in your life.

A collection of Elvis art by Roger Taylor, sure to stir up nostalgic feelings.

Finding a gift for a TV lover is a SNAP at Curious!
We have books about Star Trek, Dr. Who, Buffy, MASH, Dr. Kildare,
Bill Cosby, Captain Kangaroo and  countless other television favorites.

Betty L. Williamson's lavishly illustrated meditation on the beauty of things often overlooked.
A perfect gift for your favorite nature-lover.

A peek at the inside of Reflections on the Fungaloids

A neat quotation collection for your favorite sleuth.

An early hardcover edition of Nathanael West's celebrated
Beat / Counter-Culture novel, with a neat review by Arthur Cohen! 

Amaze friends and family with help from this compendium of magic tricks!
Our Magic section includes modern and vintage magic items, for the novice or collector.

We have biographies about favorite celebrities, from the silent films to modern-day movies.
We also have books on film criticism, histories, scripts, lobby cards and vintage movie posters!
The Military History section has a variety of options for  the historian on your list.
Check out our massive Civil War section, and our many books about
WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and modern wars.

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