Thursday, April 26, 2012

Go Tigers! Classic Detroit Tigers Sports Memorabilia at Auction

Spring has sprung in Mid-Michigan, and with the warmer temperatures and green grass comes one of America's favorite pastimes - Major League Baseball!

To celebrate, we've put two of our favorite Detroit Tigers items up for auction. A seasoned or novice collector can acquire these great pieces of vintage sports memorabilia at a small price. Currently, both of these items are selling for under twenty dollars!

1937 Detroit Tigers Ticket Sleeve
 This vintage double-sided ticket sleeve was produced by Wolf Detroit Envelope Company. It features six charming Tigers illustrations, as well as the 1937 schedule of games. In this era of Tigers baseball, Tigers Stadium was called Navin Field. For a closer (zoomed-in) look, please visit this item's auction webpage.

1950 Detroit Tigers Schedule distributed by the Detroit Times
This classic piece of  memorabilia from the Detroit Tigers 1950 season is so neat! The bright colors and bold graphics make it a wonderful candidate for framing. In this era of Tigers baseball, Tigers Stadium was called Briggs Stadium. Get a closer look and find out more about this oversize schedule at the auction webpage.

If you have a question about either of these items, or if you would like to see some of the other unusual Tigers items we have in stock, please contact us! We've recently added dozens of high-quality player photographs (given to fans as souvenirs), and we have books, posters, game programs, buttons, magazines and newspapers related to the Detroit Tigers and so many other MLB teams!

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