Friday, May 28, 2010

Latest and Greatest at Curious Books

In the past month, we have acquired thousands of new books that are now shelved throughout the shop!

Some of these new additions include:
  • Hundreds of new science fiction titles, in both paperback and hardcover, by both vintage and new authors.
  • Classic and new works on philosophy and psychology.
  • Art and architecture books, from ancient times to today's great contemporary art, buildings and architects.
  • Classic and new sociological studies, and many recent books about current events and politics.
  • Cookbooks by the armload!
  • Norton critical editions of classic novels - all under $5.00!
  • Works of literary criticism and theory, about American and international writers.
  • World history, concerning the ancient world through today's modern nations.
  • General fiction novels! We have an vast array of old favorites, newer bestsellers, and obscure titles that are difficult to find anywhere else!
  • Hundreds of military history titles, focused primarily on the American Civil War and modern military history and theory.

Coming Soon:
  • World War II and other military histories.
  • Even more art and architecture books.
  • Classicon 37, our annual show of collectible paperbacks, pulps, and glamour art!

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