Thursday, March 4, 2010

The World's Mysteries Explored

FATE Magazine, founded in 1948, is a still-running bi-monthly publication devoted to the exploration of the strange and unknown. The magazine focuses on paranormal topics such as cryptozoology, cryptoarchaeology, telepathy, psychic abilities, life after death, and extra-terrestrial life.

Articles range from haunting stories to curiously inspirational. In his article "Losing Weight Through Past Lives" (Dec. 1987), Joseph Vitale asks the question "What made me give up the fat life for the thin one after over 30 years of the former?" The answer?

For one thing, I remembered a past-life experience in which I had been an old monk in a Himalayan monastery who, in the freezing cold of bitter winter, starved to death. I came into this life very, very hungry.

I'm not kidding. Remembering this past life awakened me to the fact that I was overeating now to compensate for a fear and a hunger I developed a long, long time ago.

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